StrongFirst is the world’s largest organization of men and women who believe that strength has a greater purpose: strength of mind, strength of body, strength of spirit. We believe that strength is a fundamental skill, upon which all other aspects of life improve.


StrongFirst is a school of strength. We provide the very best instruction for everyone in the fitness industry, from authors and editors to coaches and trainers, by holding multi-day Certifications throughout the United States and abroad. These challenging Certifications are instructor-level events that teach you not only the very best in strength and athletic development, but will also take your teaching skills to an entirely new level. For those who see their strength training as a vital part of their everyday lives, or who perhaps are just starting out and looking for the best-available entry into improved strength and general fitness, StrongFirst certified instructors hold one-day Courses which teach our proven practices and principles of strength—safely and effectively. StrongFirst employs several effective modalities—kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight—but one set of universal training principles. As the motto of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program goes, “One mind, any weapon.”


We have over 1000 instructors across the globe. Our instructor team includes national champions and their coaches, military operators, first responders, law enforcement officers, elite martial artists, team doctors, and other high-end strength professionals.