Zar Horton

Master SFG
Z Health R,I,S,T

Zar Horton is a long time veteran of the Albuquerque Fire Department. With 18 years of service. He served as a Captain of Special Operations for the last 3 years at the Fire Academy, where his other duties included assisting in the design and implementation of the Fire Cadet PT (physical training) program.  He has recently been promoted to the rank of Commander and will soon become a Battalion Commander after he assists in the upcoming Fire Cadet physical fitness program beginning in July 2007.  Zar met Pavel in 2000 and took several classes from him. After 3 years of integrating Pavel’s strength and flexibility principles into his own and his clients programs, he was inspired by Tige to begin training with the Russian Kettlebell. After phasing it in to his established training it soon became his stand alone program. With the growing popularity and inquisitiveness of his fellow firefighters, Zar and Tige decided to become certified instructors to insure safe and correct KB training to their fellow firefighters. So, in 2004 Zar and Tige became certified by Pavel.  Since then Zar has trained many firefighters, police officers and civilians. He has   served for Pavel at the Instructor certification course as an assistant instructor in 2005 and has recently been named as an RKC Team Leader where he will serve as a Lead Instructor at an upcoming 2008 RKC Instructor course.  He and Tige formed FIREBELLZ Their idea was to take the training they had been giving to their fellow firefighters and extend it others who might be interested. The have since trained many civilians, Albuquerque Police Officers, and Henderson, Nevada firefighters. They are excited to bring the FIREBELLZ studio from a personal training studio to a facility available to the public.

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