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Group Classes

FIREBELLZ group classes are a one stop shop for strength, mobility and conditioning. All instructors ensure everyone is focusing on proper movement, maintaining proper alignment while creating more body awareness. 

The kettlebell is our main tool because it is extremely versatile and effective but we also use barbells, resistance bands, TRX, sleds, ropes, tires and much more. 

We work with each individual’s abilities. Safety is our first priority. We will challenge each individual according to their capabilities, needs and goals. 

Our all levels group classes are a great opportunity for beginners, intermediate and advanced students to work on refining their skills, build strength as well as increase endurance and mobility. 

As a student in the all levels class, you will receive ongoing coaching throughout the entire session. All levels classes are 60 minutes. Classes will consist of a 5-10 minute dynamic joint mobility warmup block, 40 minutes of strength training and metabolic conditioning block and a 5-10 minute cool down/stretching block. 

Our instructors are there to help you improve. We provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Our group classes will drive you to want more, more classes and more from yourself. 

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