Russian Kettlebell Training

American soldiers, law enforcement, firefighters, and special agents have embraced the long held secret of the Russian military.

The Russian Kettlebell.

This one single tool has impacted the strength and conditioning levels of practitioners so profoundly it is often regarded as the single most effective tool for making massive changes in strength, conditioning, and physiques. NOW the Russian Kettlebell training system.The RKC- brought to the United States by Master of Sports and former Spetnaz (Russian Special Forces) trainer Pavel Tsatsouline is now available to you.

THE SECRET of the effectiveness of Kettlebell training has spread beyond the confines of the tactical community. Athletes of all ages, homemakers, executives, retirees, and those in pursuit of an ironclad old-school training system are now reaping the benefits of Russian kettlebell training.

Now In Albuquerque, New Mexico, 12 RKC Instructors certified by PAVEL himself as well as 5 certified Z Health Movement Coaches, bring you FIREBELLZ: Russian Kettlebell Training and Z Health Performance studio! The first of its kind in New Mexico.