FIREBELLZ Success Story: Lisa Vargas


I started training at FIREBELLZ in the summer of 2010.  I was in desperate need of knee rehab, and some inspiration to get back in the athletic arena.  Before I joined FIREBELLZ I had been boxing since I was 14 years old. I was never able to have a boxing career because I was always [...]

FIREBELLZ Success Story: Vangie Etsitty


I started training at FIREBELLZ in 2010, 4 weeks after having my third baby. I had always been a runner, but steered away from any kind of weight training because I didn’t want to “bulk up”. At first, I thought I would give this kettlebell thing a try to get back into shape and maybe [...]

Beautiful Strength: Renae Steller Bogner

If someone would have told me the path my life would take, I never would have believed them. I was born and raised in Oregon. After I got married, I moved to Seattle where my husband finished school.  We started our family and lived in the Seattle area for 16 years.   Our oldest daughter, [...]

Success Story: James Little


I started training at FIREBELLZ in May of 2012. My wife and I both thought doing the Body Transformation Contest would be a perfect way to prepare for our summer trip to St. Martin. I soon learned training with kettlebells at FIREBELLZ was much different than your basic gym workout. Not only was it consistently [...]

Body Transformation Contest: Success Stories


We would like to share two FIREBELLZ success stories. I would like the thank Valorie and Reschonda for sharing their stories. We are very proud of these ladies. They have made tremendous PROGRESS at FIREBELLZ and they are now moving on to the next part of their journey. They were both selected for the FIREBELLZ intern [...]

Structural Basics of our Foundation


The human foot combines mechanical complexity and structural strength. The ankle serves as foundation, shock absorber and propulsion engine. The foot can sustain enormous pressure (several tons over the course of a one-mile run) and provides flexibility and resiliency. The foot and ankle contain: 26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body are [...]

Is your “core” engaged?


Embarking upon a physical routine is easy for some and seemingly impossible for others.  The desire for change has to be present for any type of challenge or behavior, but for most the ability to grasp what the body actually needs to accomplish comes with a bit of exploration and education.  It is difficult to find any [...]

Movement is trained in the brain.


The brain is a marvelous machine…one that is not fully understood, but is continually being examined and explored.  The brain is plastic or in other words the brain is able to change.  This change is not normally a conscious effort but something inherent that is continuously occurring.  Through the movements, thoughts, actions etc… that are [...]

Success Story-Linda


I would like to take some time to give credit to one of the awesome ladies that trains at FIREBELLZ. Linda is 66 years old and now feels better than she has in 20 years. She came to FIREBELLZ with chronic pain and many movement issues. Now she leads a very active life and has [...]

It’s time to stop working out, start TRAINING.


it is time to change the way we approach “working out”. We should be taking advantage of each opportunity as a chance to train the mind and body to function BETTER. Each morning one wakes up with a new body.  Now it may look the same in the mirror, but the body is truly amazing [...]