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Youth Movement and Athletic Development Program

Developing an athlete is not unlike developing a student – you simply cannot learn calculus or biology in six-weeks, nor can you become a superior conditioned athlete in six-weeks.

Our job at FIREBELLZ is to mentor young athletes as an instructor/coach and teach them what they need to know in order to progress to the next level and beyond.

Basic and foundational steps to developing superior athletic ability and conditioning cannot be condensed into short-term quick fixes.

Medical and sports research shows that our children are increasingly at risk for obesity and disease due to low levels of activity and poor nutritional habits. Some experts have also suggested that America is producing declining performances in international competition due to a lack of physical activity and sport development during childhood years.

FIREBELLZ provides an athletic model for development in physical activity and sports that not only provides a safe, enjoyable, and progressive pathway for children to pursue healthy physical activity, but also provides a pathway to excellence.
While it is often tempting to over-develop “talent” at a young age through excessive single sport training and competition (as well as early positioning in team sports), this can be very detrimental to later stages of development if the child is playing a late specialization sport: it promotes one-sided physical, technical, and tactical development and increases the likelihood of injury and burnout.

Focus needs to be on the ABC’s of athleticism — agility, balance, coordination, and speed. Without the basic movement skills, a child will have difficulty participating in any sport.

Coordination training must start at an early age – coordination improves as a result of learning and mastering new movements.

FIREBELLZ starts young athletes off early with coordination-based exercises that challenge their abilities (within reason). The more coordination a young athlete has, the more ability he or she will display at any perspective sport. FIREBELLZ will challenge young athletes on an individual and appropriate level.

What makes FIREBELLZ Youth Movement and Athletic Development Program superior to all other programs?

Sports Vision Training

Vision Training is often overlooked from a training and development standpoint, the need for good and even specified vision in sport is paramount.

FIREBELLZ improves an athlete’s performance by training visual skills such as peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination, and speed and span of recognition. We train athletes to process greater amounts of visual information faster and more accurately so that they make better decisions, and their physical reactions are faster and more accurate, especially when under stress.

Vision may be the one thing that is holding your young athlete back from performing at his or her peak!

Whatever your age, sport, or competitive level, Sports Vision training will enable you to outplay less visually fit athletes.

Key factors that we focus on-

  • Depth Perception
  • Eye Focusing and Tracking
  • Eye Dominance
  • Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Visual Reaction Time

Level I:

Foundation, FUNctional, games and introduction/discovery and development of movement skills.  5-11 year olds

Level II:

Performance, FUNctional, individual development, and STRENGTH skills.  13-17 year olds

Team-Sport Specific Training:

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