Success Story-Linda

I would like to take some time to give credit to one of the awesome ladies that trains at FIREBELLZ.

Linda is 66 years old and now feels better than she has in 20 years.

She came to FIREBELLZ with chronic pain and many movement issues. Now she leads a very active life and has a new outlook on life as well. All of us at FIREBELLZ have witnessed her incredible transformation and we are all very proud of her hard work and dedication.
It has been a true life changing experience. Thank you for sharing your fitness journey with FIREBELLZ.

From Linda-
I started training at FIREBELLZ a few years ago. I’m a 66 year old with asthma and my objective was to be able to hike at 9000 feet. I started at FIREBELLZ with the Womens ONLY Program-Beautiful Strength. The Beautiful Strength Program certainly made me strong and since I worked out with women I felt pretty comfortable. I was so out of shape that I felt dizzy in the first few sessions. Gradually as I got stronger the dizziness decreased. I could see that I was getting stronger after a few of those classes.

I felt like I had reached a sticking point and needed more personal attention. Now I work with Charles twice a week within a small group. This provides more feedback to me on my form and specificity for muscle groups that need to be challenged. I’m very comfortable in the gym and confident that I won’t hurt myself by working out. This approach enables me to achieve my goals and really target the muscles that I use daily. The gym is very pleasant for me and this exercise enables mobility for life. I am continually amazed by what I can do now.

Thank you Charles and all of the awesome FIREBELLZ Staff.