Success Story: James Little

I started training at FIREBELLZ in May of 2012. My wife and I both thought doing the Body Transformation Contest would be a perfect way to prepare for our summer trip to St. Martin. I soon learned training with kettlebells at FIREBELLZ was much different than your basic gym workout. Not only was it consistently challenging and interesting but the mentality and general thought process of everyone involved was so different than a your normal gym. It was such a refreshing change, something I still highly value at FIREBELLZ.

My wife and I lead very active lives that includes snowboarding, mountain biking, backpacking and just about anything else we can find time for. Since starting FIREBELLZ I’ve seen my performance in these activities sky rocket. My power and endurance has increased as well as my overall strength, not to mention the added benefit of weight loss. I love the way training at FIREBELLZ translates to an increased performance in all of my other activities!!
With all the different instructors at FIREBELLZ it’s nearly impossible to plateau. They all bring a different approach and workout to the table every day. So depending on how I feel, I can choose my workout for the day based on who is instructing. This keeps things fresh and new which keeps me motivated to stay on track.
Since joining FIREBELLZ I feel better, I look better and I’m doing it the right way…with hard work and challenging movement. Now with ┬áthe addition of our daughter to our family I realize I need all the endurance and strength I can muster to keep up with her!

James Little