Success Story-Debbie Lambers

My name is Debbie Lambers.

I’m 58 years old and I recently retired.  I spent my last twenty years working with a federal law enforcement agency.  Because I was law enforcement, there was a strong emphasis on physical fitness.  I had access to a gym located just steps from my office.  I worked out but mainly used the treadmills and elliptical machines.  Even though I was active, the weight just kept inching up.  I couldn’t stop it.  I blamed my age, menopause and having my thyroid removed.

Sound familiar?

When I retired, I weighed 163 pounds.   This was way too much for my height plus I had a family history of diabetes and heart disease.  Also I noticed I started developing painful joints.  Pain grew in my back, hips and legs.  I made a joke about it and said I was developing “Tin Man” syndrome.  When I got up from a chair or out of the car, I was stiff and would look around for my “imaginary” oil can.   I also became increasing concerned about the loss of upper body strength. It hit hard one day when I reached down and picked my granddaughter up over my head.  I almost dropped her.  She was less than a year old and did not weigh that much.  I felt frail, frumpy and old.

When my daughter told me about FIREBELLZ and the BTC, my first thought was “this is my last chance”.  My second thought was pure fear.  How could someone my age, do that type of workout?  I not only did it but I completed two BTCs and made more PROGRESS than I ever thought possible.  I’m now a size 6 and have maintained that size for the last year.

The weight loss is great but something surprising occurred as I finished up the second BTC.  I noticed my focus was not so much on weight loss but how my body was changing physically.  I was living pain free, not “sore” free, but pain free.   My range of motion had increased.  I could get up and down off the floor.  Getting up out of bed was easy.  I can lift my granddaughter up over my head and she is now almost three.   And more amazing, I’m starting to notice muscle definition in my upper arms.  Here I am, a grandma pushing 60 and I’m getting muscles?  Seriously?

This last summer, I signed up for the True Strength Program.  What an empowering opportunity.  When I signed up those same old fears crept in but I did the class anyway.  I loved the new and different movements and the challenges they brought but again, I noticed something else.  My mental outlook was changing.  I was stronger than I gave myself credit but I had to be pushed to see that.    During one class, Charles was coaching me and pushing me…five pounds at a time.  Each time he added those five pounds, I was convinced I could not handle it but I did.  He kept saying “you are stronger than you think you are”.  He was right. So at the end of a year and half, I no longer feel frail and frumpy.  I no longer feel old, except when I look in the mirror and think “where did those wrinkles come from”?  So as long as I avoid the mirror, I’m good to go.  Thanks FIREBELLZ and all of the instructors.  You gave me my life back.  A special thanks goes out to my daughter for saying “you can do this!!!”

FIREBELLZ has changed my life

and I now know that it is fun to be STRONG!

Thank you so much for sharing your story Debbie Lambers. You are an amazing woman and we are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Thank you for allowing FIREBELLZ to be part of your journey.