Mark Montoya

Mark MontoyaHKC

Mark was born and raised in Las Vegas, NM.  He currently lives in Albuquerque with his beautiful wife and daughters where he has been an IT Professional for the past 18 years.

After being involved in athletics throughout his youth and enjoying the physical training aspect of athletics, he developed a passion for training that has lasted through adulthood.  His passion led him to study Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico and participate in internships in the physical therapy and personal training fields before changing his field of study and pursuing his other passion of Information Technology.

In 2006, Mark experienced a debilitating sports related injury and was also diagnosed with a serious spine condition.  He was no longer able to train with the intensity he was accustomed to or play sports without discomfort or pain.

After trying different fitness methodologies and experiencing more pain, he fortunately discovered kettlebell training.  After a few years of basic self-taught training, Mark was even more fortunate to attend SPARK sessions at FIREBELLZ.  After a few classes, he was amazed by the quality instruction and the fact that he had virtually no pain or discomfort.  Not only did he receive excellent kettlebell instruction, but the Z Health exercises and drills that he learned helped reduce his pain and increased his mobility and overall performance.

After attending the SPARK classes and being introduced to Z Health, there was no turning back for Mark.  He had found what he was looking for and his passion for training was restored.  Mark felt a sense of empowerment that he hadn’t felt in years.  He was extremely grateful for what FIREBELLZ helped him rediscover within myself.

After earning his HKC certification, Mark has had the opportunity to share what he’s learned from the experienced and knowledgeable team at FIREBELLZ with others.  As part of the FIREBELLZ team, he has enjoyed helping others regain a sense of empowerment that they may have lost throughout the years or potentially discover something within themselves that they never knew existed.

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