Deserie Bustos

TRX Trainer
Olympic Weight Lifting Sports Performance Coach

Deserie Bustos was born in Pueblo Colorado where she graduated from High school, and attended the Pueblo Community College for 2 years. She has resided in Albuquerque, NM for the past 15 years. Deserie is a Wife and Mother of 2 athletic boys.

Deserie has always been interested in Physical fitness she grew up with a father who is very physically fit and it must have rubbed off on her. Deserie says “I remember as a kid having to stop half way into our road trip we couldn’t be in the car longer than 2 hours without stopping to exercise my father would Jump rope, do push-ups and make us do this with him most of the time. “As a young child in a small town in Colorado her main entertainment was Bike Riding, Hiking and swimming. She has a background in Swimming and Track -N- Field.

Deserie started lifting traditional weights a lot more serious about 2002. After several years of leaving the gym with aches and pains she finally obtained a harsh injury to her A/C Joint. She was in so much pain her husband would have to help her lift her shirt off she was unable to raise her arm above her head. Doctors told her after her surgery she wouldn’t be able to do heavy lifting above her head. She is now able to lift half her body weight above her head.

After her surgery she decided she wanted to expand her fitness program. She was then married to Charles Bustos an Albuquerque Fireman who had started training with Kettlebells and Z-health methods. “Deserie says “I was very hesitant to try kettlebells and to be honest didn’t like it the first few times I tried it “Her husband then stayed on her about getting out of the traditional gym. It took Deserie a little time to actually give this new method a true chance “I would train occasionally with kettlebells, but I was also training with traditional weights, running long distance amongst other methods. Training would take hours to complete.

After her second child was born she just needed a fitness program that wouldn’t take so much time. Her main focus was being a Mother. She decided she would train with only kettlebells for 5 Weeks and lay off all her other methods. She said after a month she couldn’t believe she was leaving her workouts pain free, and in an hour, she was sold! Within that month she lost 5% body fat and was lifting heavier than ever before.

In 2008 she had a hysterectomy at this time she had been training with kettlebells for almost 2 years the doctors all said she would be laid up for several weeks and have a great deal of  side effects. Deserie recovered in less than 3 weeks because of her conditioning.

Deserie’s focus is to guide and motivate people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to live healthy Fit Lifestyles. She continues to focus on Strength in her own training and Continues to get Stronger and live as a fitness role model to those around her.


10/10 – Drill Sergeant Deserie Bustos
By Janet Paoletti / Albuquerque, USA

Deserie has changed my life for the better. If you’ re not just pretending, and you really want to change your appearance, and your life, she’s the one you want to motivate, train and challenge you. She’s a little drill sergeant, who doesn’t miss a trick! I refer her to everyone.

10/10 – Drill Sergeant
By Jodi Grannan / Albuqueque, Untied States

Deseire is amazing and pushes you the whole time. My aunt and I both

go to her for personal training and we both couldn’t be happier.

Our bodies have never looked better she is the only one that has ever motivated me the way

Deseire does the workouts are intense and kick butt absolutely what I need is the push she makes sure to give you the best workout and she always makes sure that you are doing it right so you don’t get it hurt. She is the best trainer and couldnt be happier that she is my trainer.

10/10 – Drill Sgt.
By Maria Udero- Baldonado / Albuquerque, USA

Des is a amazing instructor. Her classes are very challenging because she always swithes it up. She has pushed to fitness goals i never thought i could reach. She also has taught me how important safety and form are. I love the abs workouts she has showed me. Shes one of my biggest motivators. Keep it up Drill Sergeant! Love Ya :)

10/10 – Personal Trainer
By Victoria Candelaria / Albuquerque, NM, USA

Desirie is a great personal trainer. She kept me motivated and focused. I reach my weight loss goal and strengthen my muscles.

10/10 – Strong
By Taylor Sadler / Firebellz, Albuquerque

Deserie is a great instructor. She is an extremely stroong person and she teaches amazing classes. The thing I love about Deserie is that she never lets you stop. She keeps you going no matter what and she is there for help if you need her. Truly an amazing instructor!

10/10 – Great motivator!
By Barbara Sanborn / ABQ

Desi is a great instructor and is never boring. I enjoy going to all the Fire-Bellz classes because each instructor is fantastic and has her/his way of keeping you motivated. Desi is especially good at the abdominal classes (she is brutal!)

10/10 – Form Form Form
By Robin B. / Firebellz

Des teaches a challenging class, pushes you while watching you with her eagle eye to make sure you are doing things correct. Intimidating at first you quickly find she is patient and wants you to be your very best.

10/10 – Yes Drill Sergeant!
By John Hofman / Albuquerque NM

Deserie is a great choice if you want to push your training to the next level or you?re just starting your kettle bells training. She?s always watching and correcting form to keep you safe and improving. If you?re just starting out she?ll patiently keep working with you and encouraging you until you?ve got it right. If you?re experienced with kettle bells she?ll keep you striving for perfect form while pushing you to use more weight or do more reps. Training with Deserie will result in big gains toward achieving your fitness goals. Deserie?s classes are amazing. From high intensity cardio sessions to powerful strength building workouts you will be challenged every time and the variety will keep you coming back. There?s nothing like hearing that ?big voice? when you don?t think you can go any more to get you to push through to the end. Stronger, faster and fitter is what you have to gain when training with Deserie! Thank you Deserie.

10/10 – Lion in a Lamb’s Suit
By Randy k. @ Fire Bellz / Albuquerque, NM

Deserie Bustos is all about form and your’s better be good! As an instructor she develops and presents amazing workouts that consist of creative multi-movement combos that challenge the entire body from head to toe. Des has a way of keeping the pace and the movements building so that it isn’t until she is through with you that you realize just how tough the drills really were. You gotta try her!

10/10 – One of a kind!
By Kelly / Albuquerque, NM

I was apprehensive to try kettle bells but Desi gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to succeed. She takes the time to make sure your form is right to avoid injury. She always encourages her students and her workouts are tough but rewarding. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor.

10/10 – Firebellz Rocks!
By Regan Foster-Chavez / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Deserie, the “Drill Sargent” is an amazing instructor. She has motivated me and pushed me to my next level of my fitness. She not only administrates an effective workout, she makes safety a top priority during her instruction. Safety is important, especially going into such an intense workout. She has proven that size doesn’t matter, its all about dedication to your goals! I love Firebellz!!!

10/10 – Top notch!
By A.J. / Albq

Great instructor. Deserie produces great results; she is a professional motivator and refuses to accept anything less than perfect form. Deserie has the ability to relate to beginners and push the experienced. Deserie’s intensity shows in all of her classes especially one on one sessions. Highly recommended!

10/10 – Only the heavy bell for squats!
By Char McDonald / Albuquerque

I have been attending Firebellz kettlebell studio since April of last year. Deserie is someone I have always admired for her work ethic, and not only that I have never seen such a petite girl put up so much weight with perfect form! I have been truly lucky to be able to train with her one-on-one for the past several weeks, and I have seen tremendous gains! She has pushed me so much! I love it!

10/10 – “No Cheating!!!”
By Opie Hicks / Fire-Bellz Alb NM 87109

I joined Fire-Bellz in Feb

10/10 – Off to a great start!
By Deborah Elder / Albuquerque

I worked with Deserie when I first started going to Firebellz, and really felt she got me off to a great start! I left feeling like I can learn to do this!! She had just the right mix of demanding more while giving me what I needed to do better. Since then I’ve started to actually enjoy the classes. Thanks, Deserie, I don’t think I would have stuck with it if it weren’t for that Friday!

10/10 – Attention to details
By Carolyn Allen / Albuquerque, NM

Deserie you are amazing! Enjoy your energy to each sesion with your hands on approach to perfect form. Thank you for helping me to begin accomplishing my Goals! Your attention to perfect form and detail without injury is greatly appreciated.

10/10 – Girl Power
By Nancy Caress / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Desi is a great instructor!! She works her class hard and doesn’t take any excuses. She is a stickler for good form which makes every student better. I really appreciate her dedication and compassion for RKB and her students. Thanks Desi!!

10/10 – challenging and motivating
By A.L.S. / Albuquerque, NM

Deserie’s classes are great because the pace is fast but the instructions are still completely clear. She spends only the minimum necessary amount of time explaining what needs to get done and then makes sure you get to it. There is a good variety of different movements so that no workout feels tedious. She acknowledges individual accomplishments tactfully and efficiently so everybody can get to work and feel good about their effort at the same time.

10/10 – pushing my limits every time
By Martina S. / Albuquerque

kettlebells is by far my favorite workout. I have never been so excited to workout everyday like I do now. Deserie is a great instuctor she has a very keen eye for form and ALWAYS pushes me to my breaking point. I love her motivation and great attitude.

10/10 – Absolutely the Best!
By Dr. Etsitty / ABQ, NM

Deserie is a great instructor! She will transform and strengthen your body in no time. She motivates one to do their best and then dig for more. Her sessions are great and not easy! She makes sure your form is sound before going on. She is just awesome!!!! If you want to look your best and be your best, sign up for her sessions!

10/10 – Dezerator

She has an amazing work ethic that overflows into her workouts. She motivates while leading her class into the next level of fitness. She puts a lot of emphasis on technique and safety while pushing the class to their potential. She is able to reassure the beginner into their confort zone so he or she will not feel intimidated by the different level of participants. Dez will not dissappoint the advanced fitness participant and will not intimidate the beginner and both will succeed and get their bellz worth!!

10/10 – WOW
By Kelly P. / Albuquerque, NM

Deserie is an amazing instructor. I was very nervous when I first started to work with Deserie. I have never had any instruction before because I was just to embarrassed. I wanted to try the kettlebells and knew that I would need professional instruction to get the proper form. Deserie made me feel so comfortable, and would not let me give up. I would recommend her to everyone!!!!!!

10/10 – Best workout ever!
By Sarah McIntosh / Albuquerque, NM

I have never had a better workout! I have been a gym rat for the past 6 years, working out 5 to 6 days a week. In all that time I have never seen results as fast as I have since working with kettlebells. I enjoy taking the classes but most of all enjoy the one-on-one training sessions I do with Deserie Bustos. Her workouts push me to be the strongest I can be and become even stronger. Deserie takes the time to study my body and teaches me the skills I need to look the way I never thought I never thought possible. If you don’t believe me, that training with Deserie has changed me for the better from the outside in, just ask everyone I know. Since working out with Deserie I get told everyday how amazing and fit I am looking. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you Des.!



10/10 – Amazing RKC!
By Charles Bustos RKC-Firebellz / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Deserie is an incredible instructor, she has the ability to relate to everyone. She is a master motivater. She will help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Her attention to detail is unremarkable. She will ensure that you have perfect form to ensure safety and maximize results. She doesnt just talk the talk she is contantly pushing herself and thats what she demands of her clients, thats why her results as well as her clients results are so dramatic. If you are serious about your training and you are not making amazing progress you need to train with Deserie. You need to jump at the oppurtunity to train with Deserie. You will not look at training the same way ever again after you get a chance to train with Deserie.

10/10 – Outstanding Kettlebell Instructor
By Adam Turk / Albuquerque, NM USA

Deserie is an empathetic but challenging and energetic instructor. She takes the time to understand the motivation and goals of her clients and students. Taking into account these wishes, Deserie encourages individuals and classes to push their boundaries and grow in a safe environment. Deserie takes time outside of class or a training session to talk to people and make sure that they are making progress to their goals without injury or pain. She is an excellent addition to the Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor ranks with her encouraging, empathetic, and energetic spirit. One can only gain in fitness and strength by training with Deserie.

10/10 – The Bustanator
By Derrick B. / Albuquerque, NM USA

Mrs.Bustos is a very good good instructor. She has shown that she knows how to push you to your limits with out singling you out.

I look forward in particapating in her classes in the future.

Good job Bustanator.

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