Charles Bustos

Z Health R,I,S,T
USA Weightlifting Coach Level 1
IYCA Youth Conditioning Specialist Level 3

Charles Ray Bustos was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Charles is a husband, father of 2 boys and a firefighter/paramedic with the Albuquerque Fire Department. Charles served 6 years of active duty service in the Air Force. He was stationed at Beale AFB in northern California. He worked in Aerospace Physiology and received specialty training in Hypo/Hyperbaric chambers and high altitude pressure suits. Charles deployed too many overseas locations such as Sicily, Saudi Arabia, Korea, France, Cyprus, and United Arab Emirates in support of the U-2 Reconnaissance Plane. He was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant and then served 4 years at Kirtland Air Force Base in the Air Force Reserve Aeromedical Unit.

Charles has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. He has a base in powerlifting that later shifted toward competitive bodybuilding. For over 10 years he strived to reach all of his fitness goals. He realized that all of the goals he had set for himself did not involve true fitness. He was successful in that he attained the muscle mass he wanted, but he was not functional. He looked strong and that was pretty much it. He was strong in a few certain lifts but lacked flexibility and athleticism. That is a really nice way to put it, he had no flexibility what so ever. 

He also lived with constant joint pain due to the type of training he was doing. He had accepted joint pain as just being a part of working out (does any of this sound familiar?). The nail in the coffin was that he had no endurance. He wanted size, not to run a marathon. That was his way to rationalize avoiding any form of cardiovascular training. So on top of no endurance he was putting stress on his heart and putting himself at risk for Coronary Artery Disease and Hyperlipidemia. That does not represent any form of health or fitness.

He can honestly say that kettlebells changed his life. It all started when he met Zar Horton.

His introduction to kettlebell training was very humbling. Charles weighed 265lbs and Zar handed him a 16kg kettlebell and he laughed. He thought this isn’t going to do anything for me. Charles was curious about kettlebell training but he did not think that anyone could get a serious workout with a kettlebell. Soon he would realize that he could have not been further from the truth. Kettlebell training is not for everyone, it produces DRAMATIC RESULTS.  If you just want a big chest and big arms to walk around all puffed up stick with bench press and curls and hope that you never piss off anyone that trains with kettlebells. 

Charles is a Co-Owner of FIRBELLZ, certified by Dr. Eric Cobb as a Z Health Performance Movement Coach as well as certified by Pavel Tsatsouline as a StrongFirst Level II instructor that has been invited back to assist/instruct at multiple certification courses. Charles also utilizes barbell training. He loves Power/Olympic Lifting, he is a USA Weightlifting Coach. Charles also instructs in Connecticut at the annual Firefighter Professional Kettlebell Seminar. 

Charles has a different approach to training and may seem a bit unorthodox at times but he helps people achieve more than they ever thought possible time and time again. Contact him if you would like to schedule a training session with him. 

Charles Bustos


10/10 – New Way Of Life
By Jerri Wilson / Albuqerque, NM, United States

After 3 months of booth camp at FireBelz, in Albuquerque New Mexico, Charles Bustos has taught me a new way of life. Not just in kettle bell, but a new way of taking care
of my body. Charles has taught us z health as an added way of making sure your body
is in tune. He has implemented a color band/testing as a tracking system for goals
and our safety. He spends hours, of his personal time, learning and training to keep
up with his fitness and knowledge to pass on to us. I have never seen an instructor
so dedicated to your safety and health. We are very fortunate to have this caliber of

10/10 – His expertise is unsurpassed!
By Veronica Tiller / Albuquerque, USA

Charles has an indepth understanding of his craft in a way that is reflected in his teaching, his techniques, and his professionalism. He explains the kettlebell techniques in a way that makes one understand the dynamics of the technique and how it affects body development. Most of all his concern for his students is evident by the way he builds their confidence. For me he makes the program worthwhile in every respect.

10/10 – Charles Rocks!
By Terri Dean / Albuquerque, USA

Doing personal training with Charles was one of the best decisions I could have made prior to my KB classes. He teaches you to work within your range, which for me has been a huge help due to old injuries. He is patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable! I love learning from him and incorporating kettlebell training in to my every day life! Thanks Charles!!!

10/10 – Life Changing
By Tracee Hayden / Albuquerque, United States

Charles is an amazing trainer. He is great at pushing you to be your best but making sure everything is safe and injury free. He is a great motivator and extremely knowledgeable. Kettlebell training changed my life. I had always been into “working out”, but when I got into kettlebells I loved it so much that I decided to make it an occupation. Charles is helping me to achieve that goal. He has been super supportive and has helped me to see that I am stronger than I ever knew I was. You cant help but stay motivated when you work with Charles, he is so motivated. He is a great trainer, and just plain “good people”.

10/10 – Simply just the BEST!!!
By Taylor Sadler / Albuquerque, firebellz

I don’t even have words to describe what a great instructor Charles is! I love his classes so much. He uses everything..not just the bells. He defenitely has the knowledge to teach the classes. His skills are flawless and he is an amazing person. Just the BEST!!!

10/10 – Results!
By Miguel Solis / Albuquerque, NM

I’ve been working out with kettlebells for a while now, but doing the movements correctly for about four months, and Charles has had a big influence on my progress. He is a great motivator. I also like the way he pushes us to the limit, but not to injury. It’s like he says, ” Better movement is always the goal!” He has helped me lose over 15 lbs, and over 17% body fat, while gaining strength. Charles is a great asset to the kettlebell family here at Firebellz, and if it’s results you want, Charles will make sure to help you get them.

10/10 – Progress!
By Jill Vice / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is a born motivator! He’s pushing you to do better whether you are in his class or sitting at home playing on the computer. With Charles, you feel that you are part of a greater community with a common goal.
His workouts maximize your strength and flexibility. Progress is guarantee!

10/10 – Consistently Challenges U!
By Angela J / ABQ, NM

Can always count on Charles for an awesome workout; he mixes it up, and they aren’t always the same, but they are always challenging!

10/10 – Motivational
By kandis / na

When I have attended classes with Charles he is very inspiring and percise with the workouts. He is quality every time!

By Barbara Sanborn / ABQ, NM

Charles is one of my favorite instructors @ Fire-Bellz (all are my favorites!) because you never know what the routine will be and I love the challenges he comes up with. He is just a great instructor and gives so much to make you work hard! Set your goals and he will keep you inspired!!!

10/10 – A Former Winner
By Art Mennemeyer / FireBellz

I started kettlebells with Body Transformation Competition II and came in First Place for my age group. I’m 60. I looked and felt great. In BTC III I became stronger and my energy increased even more. I can’t imagine what BTC IIII will do for me.
I have Charles to thank for all of it. He made certain my form, movement, and breathing was at my best. Training is a lot of work but well worth the end result. So to everyone thinking about the next competition stop thinking, join the best kettlebell team in town. Set your goals and aim for your best. I have never been disappointed with any of the training. Let Charles his crew help you!

10/10 – Pushing It
By opie hicks / Fire-Bellz Alb NM 87109

Recently I took Charles’ class

10/10 – “what’s next?” because you never know with Charles
By Opie Hicks / Fire-Bellz Alb NM 87109

I just joined Fire-Bellz in Alb NM in Feb. I have trained w/all the instructors there. Charles is extremely creative w/his classes and has a variation of movements and exercises. His classes encompass stabilaztion, strength, function and flexibility. I appreciate the fact that he explains what the movements entail- how to perform them properly, why we perform that exercise,

10/10 – Passionate and Precise
By Maureen. S / Albuquerque, NM

Every time I train with Charles his passion for kettlebell training shows. He is very precise about every move he shows you and wants you to complete. If anything is off in my movement he spots it right away. He always starts the class with enthusiasm and gives you a thorough kettlebell workout from top to bottom. His confidence and expertise makes me confident about my performance and perfecting new moves. He is never afraid to take the time to work with someone and teach, which is exactly what I needed. I am alays getting stronger and my training makes me feel good, thanks to Charles!!!

10/10 – Motivation and Movement
By Randy K. @ Fire-Bellz / Albuquerque, NM USA

I am going to be 52 this year and did not think this “old dog” could learn new tricks but thanks to Charles’ motivational personality and leadership qualities I am surprising myself. I have only been working out with Charles for about six weeks and I have already been challenged more with quality instruction and multi-movement workouts than any other workout routine I have ever participated in. Charles is dedicated to his craft and through his excitement and energy for this incredible fitness tool he makes sure his students get it right and get the most out of every minute they spend with him. I am certain Charles represents the highest standard in this business.

10/10 – So good it makes you want to work out at 5:15 am!
By Joe L / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charles is enthusiastic, supportive, and knowledgeable. He teaches and motivates well to all levels in his classes. As a novice I appreciate his patience and encouragement. I see him work with those more experienced and he pushes them to become even better. My headline says it all. On cold mornings it takes something special not to hit the snooze alarm and stay in bed. Charles makes me look forward to the early morning classes and to increasing my fitness. I hope that you do not get the wrong impression. Charles’ classes are tough but by working hard you will feel the difference.

By Ricardo Solis / Albuquerque, New mexico USA

I began my kettlebell journey in April of 2010. In May I had a one on one session with Charles. The first thing he asked me was if I had any kind of movement problems. I thought about it for a few seconds and shared with him that I could not run two days in a row without cramping in my calves and hamstrings. I spoke to many professional about my problem and the solution they seem to come with was that I was not drinking enough water,stretching enough or deficient in vitamins but no matter how much advice I followed it didn’t help. He quickly replied by simply stating that my feet were tight and on the spot put me through some stretching movements to see what my limitations were. He then gave me a 1/2 inch wooden dowal and told me to roll it under each foot for 5 minutes. To my surprise I was able to run the next 5 days straight and there after pain free which made extremely happy. I’ve played sports all my life and it never occurred to me to stretch my feet and apparently never occured to anyone else. Charles is the only professional in the health industry that has been able to help me with my dillema after 5 minutes of working with him. He did for me what doctors couldn’t do. He continues to impresses me with his fountain of Z Health and Kettlebell knowledge Thank you Charles!!!!

10/10 – Dedicated Z Health & Strength
By Deborah A. Solis / Albuquerque, New mexico USA

Charles inspired and motivated me the moment I took my first class with him. My work out started out painful due to an old lower back injury I had aquired. He quickly took action to modify my movemnts which helped me get through the class with minimal pain and I was so grateful for the compassion and the care he showed me that it motivated me to keep coming back and if that wasn’t enough he also would send me motivationl messages to my facebook page which made me feel proud of my weekly accomplishments. To date I am pain free and my strength and mobility has improved immensly. I am so grateful to Charles and I have FAITH that he will help in my journey towards Health & Well Being.
I’m very proud and excited to have Charles as my kettlebell Instructor!!!!!!

By R. Mason / Albuquerque, NM

I had wanted to get into Kettlebell training for a couple of years but I was afraid to try it knowing that I have TERRIBLE balance and I was afraid I would make a fool out of myself! I met with Charles and explained my situation. From the very first session I had, Charles was patient and when I had trouble getting my body to do what I was trying to tell it to do, Charles would help me by explaining how my muscles work and how they are being asked to perform like they never have before. If I was unable to do something, Charles would find an alternative way to do it that worked for me while still accomplishing my goals!
I am thankful for finding such an awesome trainer when I found Charles! GET SOME!!

10/10 – Always There
By Art Mennemeyer / Albuquerque, NM

Charles has always been there when I needed him. His workouts will put you through the paces you need to get to your goals. Sometimes I didn’t ask questions just went with the flow but Charles knew just were I was at during Body Transformation. Stick with Charles he’ll get you were you want to be. Thanks Charles!

10/10 – Above and Beyond
By Andy K. / Albuquerque, NM USA

I always look forward to when Charles is leading the class because he somehow manages to get me to go beyond what I think I know I can do. I really appreciate his focus on proper form and movement before speed and reps etc. because you find you can do more when your alignments are correct instead of trying to power through something but ending up sloppy and not reaching it. I also like the clear detailed way he explains what he’s trying to get your muscles to do. I always finish his classes feeling much stronger, and even though they’re difficult, Charles’ enthusiasm for what he’s doing pulls you right through.

10/10 – A Trainer with Passion
By Jennifer Garay / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charles Bustos posse’s deep passion for fitness/nutrition he also helps you pick realistic goals that are designed to help reach a rewarding lifestyle. He is a trainer who can teach you how to use your mind and power to achieve your strength, weight loss and increase your flexibility. His knowledge on nutrition gives immense guidance for anyone who wants to transform their life. His methods and approach to living well, getting strong and feeling your best has made my experience with him mind-blowing.

He has helped me reach my goals and keeps my inspired to continue working with kettle bells. Kettle bell training comes with learning good form-Charles observes and helps develop this by providing personal visualization.

When you train with Charles the results are dramatic, I have lost inches, weight, increased strength and improved my flexibility. My success in kettle bell training is due to his motivation and personal attention. Charles takes time to review your nutrition and makes needed adjustments to reach your goals.

He is driven to help everyone at any age, his passion is contagious, and in result you reach success. Charles creates a pleasant atmosphere that intoxicates your spirit to get fit. This is the trainer that will provide desire, expectation and motivation that will accelerate your results. This is why it’s no surprise he remains the Best Trainer.

By Leah / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charles Bustos is the BEST! At first I was a little nervous to get involved in the 12 week body transformation contest at Firebellz gym but Charles was super supportive and so smart about what I needed to do to get started with my weight loss journey. He knows how to work with every body type out there to do quality movements for that person. He takes our workouts to crazy new levels with new movements that NEVER get boring. Charles uses multi media outlets to keep all of us up to speed on everything Firebellz! You can find support on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and Blogger!! SERIOUSLY! how cool is that?

Charles has helped me so much to reach my goals in 12 short weeks, something that I have never achieved at the “big name” gyms in Albuquerque. Firebells = RESULTS. Charles Bustos= MAXIMUM RESULTS!!

10/10 – Get Some!
By Fred Payne / Albuquerque, NM

I came to Charles and let him know I have failed at many attempts to become a stronger, prepared, and active person. He told me to stick with him and trust in him and his ways. I have took what he said and at first it was extremely hard, but Charles did not stop and continued to push me! Without Charles and his team I really believe I would not see the results and change in my life. Charles has brings this “Straight in your face truth” to EVERYBODY! IF YOU WANT RESULTS SEE CHARLES!!!

10/10 – Charles just flat out makes you better
By Vince Aragon / Albuquerque, NM

I began Kettlebell Training 9 weeks ago and can say without hyperbole that Charles has been the key factor to the success I am seeing. He is an expert instructor with a keenly adaptable teaching style for the variety of personalities and fitness levels he encounters daily. His patient demonstration of the exercises and his insistence on every student making their best effort every time to perfect their form has been an invaluable component of my training regimen. Charles as an instructor is just top notch.

10/10 – Best of the Best!!
By Cindy Burrola / Albuquerque,Nm

My friend talked me into joining Firebellz,after wanting to loose weight for a cruise in April..needless to say ,I thought this would be another waste of my time, after all I had done other fitness clubs in the past with little or no results.My first meeting with Charles ,I knew this was going to be a totally different workout ..this guy really knew his craft. In the first ten minutes of my LIGHT training I broke out in a sweat, from that moment on I WAS HOOKED!!! Body transformation here I come..He has pushed me to limits I never thought I could achieve,and all the time watching all of us, to make sure we have the correct form, so we don’t get injured,Eight weeks and my body is totally transformed,And I am just getting started…Give him a try, you won’t be sorry, Charles knows his craft very well….He rocks the house!!

10/10 – Intensity and drive
By L. Pavatt / Rio Rancho, NM

Charles posses an incredible intensity and drive when leading classes. His focus on proper technique and maximum output insures all participants get the most out of their workout. For me the fun is in the challenge of Charles’ workouts. He is constantly adding new elements so the workouts never feel stale or old hat. My strength, endurance and speed have increased tremendously since taking up kettlebells a year and a half ago, not to mention that niggly five pounds I couldn’t get rid of.

10/10 – Back on the road!
By Deborah Elder / Albuq, NM

I’m new to Firebellz, and was having trouble integrating the new workout with my 1/2-marathon running plan. Charles gave me just the right techniques to get my knee pain-free, helped me access the new strength I’m gaining to apply it to running, and got me back on the road. I just set a PR on a relay last weekend, and am on track to kick it at the Rock ‘n Roll half in Phoenix! Thanks, Charles!

10/10 – AWESOME!
By Vangie Etsitty / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is very motivating and positive. Always makes sure my form is correct and pushes me to come through stong. My husband and I have come a long way in the three months we have trained with him. Thanks Charles!

10/10 – feel the burn!
By jesus torres / albuquerque NM USA

right out of the gate it was a very different and exciting workout. charles instantly knew how to explain in my terms how to move and corrected my bad movements almost instanly. during the workout he joined in to show if he could do it so could i. he is a very inspiring person and his teaching tecniques are excellent especially to someone who is very green to the movements like i was. the flexability and power i gained here was incredible and inspiring to go farther. i have always been big during my life and the past few years have been a struggle for me to stay fit, charles has proven to me that i can loos weight and become a stronger and more flexable person and i am so greatful he is here to guide me on my journey to health.

10/10 – Give Charles a try you’ll be hooked.
By John H / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles is a great instructor. There’s never an easy workout with Charles. No matter what your fitness and experience level, his classes will push you to your limit and you will see amazing results. Charles has an extensive knowledge of kettle bells and an eye for detail. He is very skilled at breaking techniques down into easy to understand steps and he’ll keep working with you until you’ve got it right. He is constantly watching for flaws in form and corrects them as you train. He emphasizes correct form and better movement to ensure a safe productive workout. A wonderful motivator, Charles brings a no nonsense approach to his instruction. He doesn’t sugar coat feedback but always has recommendations that will help you improve. Charles has been a major influence in my journey back from couch potatoe to fitness and health. Whether you’ve never trained before or you are a highly trained athlete, training with Charles will make you stronger, more flexible and improve your overall conditioning. Thank you Charles.

By Julie K / Albq, NM

His passion as an instuctor shows in every class. He truly is committed to helping you achieve your goals. His instruction is perfecton; he uses his ability to break down the moves, fine tune what you put out and amplify your returns. He makes sure you get the most out of your efforts. His excitement and motivation is contagious! *** CHARLES, YOU ROCK! Thank you for your endless effort and encouragement, for your attention to detail in your instruction, for sharing all your valuable information and for taking the time to send continued emails of support and encouragement. I could have never imagined such amazing results in just 10 weeks!

By Julie K / Albq, NM

His passion as an instructor shows in every class. He truly is committed to helping you achieve your goals. His instruction is perfection; he uses his ability to break down the moves, fine tune what you put out and amplify your returns. He makes sure you get the most out of your efforts. His excitement and motivation is contagious!
Charles, You Rock! Thank you for your endless effort and encouragement, for your attention to detail in your instruction, for sharing all your valuable information and for taking the time to send continued emails of support and encouragement. I could have never imagined such amazing results in just 10 weeks!

By Julie K / Albq, NM

His passion as an instructor shows in every class. He truly is committed to helping you achieve your goals. His instruction is perfection; he uses his ability to break down the moves, fine tune what you put out and amplify your returns. He makes sure you get the most out of your efforts. His excitement and motivation is contagious!
Charles, You Rock! Thank you for your endless effort and encouragement, for your attention to detail in your instruction, for sharing all your valuable information and for taking the time to send continued emails of support and encouragement. I could have never imagined such amazing results in just 10 weeks!

10/10 – Challenging!
By Angela Jimenez / Alubuquerque, NM USA

Charles workouts are always a challenge. He inspires me to want to push myself to a higher level when I am in class with him, and I stay mindful of my form under his watchful eye, no matter how tired I may be! He continues to motivate and I look forward to his classes. He is encouraging without being judgemental. Thank you for all you do, Charles! Love your classes and look forward to your input!

10/10 – Ballistic!
By Lynne / Albuquerque, NM, USA

He motivates me to try harder and work harder. He demonstrates each exercise perfectly and gives a great example of what the move should look like. His emthusiasm is contagious.

10/10 – The best workout ive ever had!
By Martina Solis / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is such a good motivator. The way he incorporates flexability and progression movements into his program is amazing I feel a little stronger everyday that I train with kettlebells weither it be physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. I wish I would have started sooner but now that im here I cant see turning back I feel so great! thank you Firebellz for the great workouts

10/10 – Charles does not mess around!
By A.L.S. / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is an amazing instructor. He genuinely cares about making sure you get real results by both pushing you hard in each workout, and using his extensive knowledge to fine tune your form so that every single movement is done as effectively as possible. This shows me as a student that he really knows what he’s talking about, and that he absolutely won’t take less than everything you’ve got when it comes to workout ethic. I have worked with other trainers and coaches and have not been this inspired or felt as powerful and exhausted at the same time! Charles is really serious about his work as a kettlebells instructor, but not too serious to give positive feedback at the right moments. His teaching style is motivating and empowering.

10/10 – Amazing patience and depth of knowledge
By Carolyn Allen / Albuquerque, NM

Charles was presented with what might seem to most an overwhelming challenge. I had not been physically fit for more than 20 years. Recently, I made a life commitment to become a healthier more fit person. He was incredibly patient at the beginning. He was able to push me mentally and physically while building strength and endurance I would have had a difficult time otherwise accomplishing. Sincerly appreciative of you, your patience and your dedication combined with your depth of knowledege…seeing amazing results!

By Barbara SANBORN / Albuquerque, NM

I have been working out for many years at the local gym and was happy with my routines but my body never changed! I started with Charles just as a favor with one of my co-workers. It was unbelievable!! The classes are hard but worth every minute you put into it. If you follow Charles’s instructions and come to class, you will definitely see results. Charles gets you motivated with his no nonsense attitude and it really makes a difference. I have decided to give up my other gym membership and stick with Charles because I feel better and can see better results. It is like having a personal trainer every class and he gives 100% at each class which makes you want to work out harder!! Thank you Charles and keep up the good work!!

10/10 – No sugar coating
By Darlo / albuquerque, NM

Charles has helped me a great deal.His training has made me attain my goals.His passion and desire is infectious. Everytime I want to put trash in my “piehole” I get a vision of Charles shaking his head.He is a great trainer and leader. Charles provides leadership that you can use in all aspects of life.

10/10 – 150%
By Nancy Caress / Albuquerque, New Mexico

I had never picked up a kettle bell until 9 weeks ago. Charles know exactly how to explain each movement so you understand how to do it correctly. He expects more of me than I would ever expect of myself and I the results have been amazing. He truly has a passion for RKB and really cares about his students. Thank you Charles for pushing me outside my comfort zone and helping me to see my potential.

10/10 – Get Some!
By Sarah McIntosh / ABQ/NM

It’s never just another day at the gym when working out with Charles Bustos. He does just the right amount of pushing and training to really help you meet your fitness goals. In fact, Charles know a little bit about everything when it comes to health and fitness. He is knowledgeable about anatomy, nutrition, supplements and much more. He knows exactly what one needs to do to reach their goals and then he gets you there and beyond.
“GET SOME!!!” Charles Bustos.

10/10 – Get Some!
By Sarah McIntosh / ABQ/NM

It’s never just another day at the gym when working out with Charles Bustos. He does just the right amount of pushing and training to really help you meet your fitness goals. In fact, Charles know a little bit about everything when it comes to health and fitness. He is knowledgeable about anatomy, nutrition, supplements and much more. He knows exactly what one needs to do to reach their goals and then he gets you there and beyond. “GET SOME!!!” Charles Bustos.

Sarah McIntosh

10/10 – Charles the Motivator!
By Dr. Etsitty / ABQ, NM

I didn’t know much about kettlebells when I first started but Charles is a master instructor and wonderful motivator. He keeps coming up with wonderful routines that are different and very challenging! He teaches one to have a sound form and to dig when the tank is empty. I highly recommend him and his sessions!

10/10 – Amazing Transformation
By A.C. Romero / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charles led me through an amazing transformation in just twelve weeks. I am 49 years old and am in the best physical & mental shape of my life. I lost 38 lbs in this twelve week program, and my gains in strength are nothing less than amazing, thanks to Charles. He is a great motivator and an extreemly knowledgable physical fitness trainer. I started the program, having just recovered from knee surgery and was a bit hesitiant, with Charles guidence and training, my knee is at 100%, and stronger than ever. Thanks Charles!

10/10 – “God is in the Details”
By Carmen Martinez-Tittmann / Corrales, NM

My son, a firefighter, has been suggesting I learn kettlebells for years to deal with menapausal symptoms. Although fit, I thought I was too old! Finally convinced to try, I started training with Charles, and I feel stronger than ever. It’s his attention to detail that makes the difference! Charles watches your body as you’re in motion, he identifies the specifics of my form including my limitations, and requests I make adjustments that put me in the groove of it. His enthuisiasm is contagious and he infuses his class with motivation. Charles is a great teacher, he’s helped me feel that not only can I do kettlebells, but I can keep imporoving and gain strength as long as I’m willing to work hard at it.

10/10 – Motivation for every level
By Miguel Tittmann / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles is a master motivater. Wheather your level is Inetermediate/advanced as mine is or your a beginner like my mother is, Charles finds the motivational tactics to push you to your maximum potential. I get nervous before working out with him because I know i will be pushed to my limit, but am greatfull after!

10/10 – He Knows What He’s Doin
By Valerie Clark / Albuquerque, NM

I am truly thankful to be training with such a knowledgeable, determined, kind and ‘not afraid to kick my ass’ trainer such as Charles Bustos. He has believed in me in times when I was certain I could’t go any further. He has shown me how strong I really am. Charles always encourages me to give my best and gives praise for my efforts, all the while pushing me to great limits. And when I do what he tells me to do the results are awesome. Thanks Charles

10/10 – Great Instructor
By Lorenzo C / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles is a great instructor, he taught a one on one class for me and really helped me with my form. Charles greatly showed me the importance of the preworkout stretches as well as using form and technique with every exercise. I would definetly recommend Charles Bustos for anyone interested in kettlebells.

10/10 – Eye opening
By Joshua Lubenow / Albuquerque, NM

I’ve been lifting weights and working out for a little over 10 years and working out with Charles over the last 3 months has completely changed my view of traditional weight lifting. Charles has helped correct a lot of bad habits i have formed over the years along with pushing me harder than any trainer I’ve had before has. He is highly knowledgeable in Z-Health and helped me to help fix an elbow injury that i have been dealing with for a couple years. I would highly recommend training with Charles to any one wanting to get into kettlebells or wanting to be pushed a little harder.

10/10 – Knowledgeable and Supportive
By Melissa Walker, RKC / Ringwood, NJ

Charles was one my Assistant Instructors at my RKC cert in April. Charles was very supportive and encouraging and truly has a passion (and talent) for helping others improve their kettlebell technique. I highly recommend seeking Charles out for high-quality kettlebell instruction!

10/10 – Great Instructor
By Mark Hofman / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charles Bustos is a great kettlebell instructor. His knowledge for kettlebells is always expanding. I’ve been training with Charles for a few months now and i can’t say enough good things about his classes. Every class I am pushed to my limits. I have been an athlete my whole life, I played football and basketball in college so I know what working hard is all about. I did conventional weight training most of my life and none of it has compared to the health benefits and workouts I get training with Charles. I am a firefighter and it is very important for someone in our profession to be physically fit. Since training with Charles I feel I am better prepared to do my job effectively. Charles has the ability to push and motivate each student in the class. He recognizes everyones level and pushes them accordingly. His attention to detail during workouts is great as well, if he recogiznes a flaw in your form, he corrects it immediately. He stresses the importance of proper form and safety throughout the workout, and breaks bad habits. His understanding of how the body works and reacts to certain movements is amazing. He is constantly coming up with new, fun, and challenging things to do with our kettlebell workouts. I would recommend Charles Bustos to anyone looking to take their workouts and health to the next level.

10/10 – Results!
By Mary / Albuquerque, NM

As a personal trainer myself, I am highly selective as to who I would go to for my own training. When I met Charles I could tell that he knows his stuff and takes pride in what he does. He is a no nonsense trainer that focuses on form, function, and movement. By working with Charles I have seen amazing results which have far surpassed anything I have accomplished on my own after years of going to the gym on a daily basis. By our 13th session I was doing things I had never done before. My body is now more integrated and powerful than ever. Charles pushes me to my full potential, safely and effectively.

10/10 – The Definition of a Coach
By Joseph Cruz / Albuquerque, NM USA

I had been wanting to get back into shape, but was tired of the same old conventional weight training. I was impressed by the results they had on display at the Health fair, where i was introduced. I have been in training now for 3 weeks, and i have lost 10 pounds, and feel alot better physically, and mentally. Charles not only got me on board with the training but has also helped me focuss on nutrition and how each body part compliments one another. Thanks to Charles not only do you complete a workout and go home, he teaches what each workout does and makes sure form is perfect before moving on. These workouts are tough and amazing and i plan to continue even past that time period when i have recieved maximum results.

10/10 – Great Instructor
By Ron Vargo / Fairfield, CT

I took a weekend seminar and Charles was one of the instructors. He showed us alot of valuable and useful information about our bodies, and how to prepare them for kettlebells. Charles is very personalble and knowledgeable and always took the time to answer questions and show you the proper way to do an exercise. Thank you

10/10 – jason m
By jason m / grants nm

Thank you for the opertunity to train with you at fire-bellz. The short circut you put us through made me realize how out of shape i am. now i know that i have to step it up a notch.

10/10 – Best above the rest
By Ronnie Otero / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles Bustos not only knows the ropes when it comes to weight training but is also now an expert at kettlebell training. He gives the best, most intense workouts I have ever had. I have and always will go to him for all my training needs. He inspires and motivates me to push beyond my limits and strive to be the best. If anyone wants to train hard and have the best instructor around…Charles is your man!!

10/10 – Best above the rest
By Ronnie Otero / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles Bustos not only knows the ropes when it comes to weight training but is also now an expert at kettlebell training. He gives the best, most intense workouts I have ever had. I have and always will go to him for all my training needs. He inspires and motivates me to push beyond my limits and strive to be the best. If anyone wants to train hard and have the best instructor around…Charles is your man!!

10/10 – He is the man!!!!!!


10/10 – Addicting!!!!!!!
By James Perez / albuquerque, NM

I have used weights all my life. I have had pain in all my joints doing so. Charles introduced me to kettle bells and illustrated how to use them. His knowledge of the body and ways to maximize your workout without injury is phenominal. Since using kettle bells, my pain has decreased and core strength has improved. Charles is the man. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and technique!
James Perez

10/10 – GREAT CLASS!
By Brian Padilla / Albuquerque, NM

This was my first time doing kettlebell training, and what an experience. Charles is a great instructor that knows his stuff. I had know idea of all the exercises that can be done with kettlebells. Again, a great trainer and a great class.

10/10 – Who knew?
By Laurianna Sargent / Albuquerque, NM

Charles came to our station to help us improve our kettlebell workouts. It has been almost a year since I took the intro course and was limited in what I was using the bell for. What I didn’t know was how much the smallest of movements can change everything about swinging the bell. Charles is incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology. I started the workout with my shoulder, upper back and right arm hurting. Through some simple exercises, with my left lower extremity, the pain went almost completely away. Who woulda thunk? I will never look at weights the same again.

10/10 – Amazing motivator
By Patrick Elliott / Albuquerque NM

Charles is an amazing instructor. Charles has been my instructor for over a year now and he has traind me at Fire Bellz and the last few months Hes been giving me one on one instruction, And its amazing the differece ive seen in my strengh, my physique, and most of all my health. Im a firefighter in the Albuquerque area and the training I get from Charles is just the thing to stay in shape and give you that strengh to be a better firefighter. If theres anybody whose trying to get into a fire academy this will be the perfict training to prepear for the grind of PT. I recommend Instructor Bustos for anybody who wants to get first class training

10/10 – The Real Thing
By Rick Cordova, Captain, AFD Engine 20 / Albuquerque, NM

Without a doubt kettlebell conditioning is the real thing. And KB workouts with Charles are the real thing. He has the ability to individualize a routine, even in group sessions as he’s working out along with us, assuring your form meets Pavels standards. And if it doesn’t, he knows every trick in the book to help you achieve those standard. Bustos is the the real thing and we are fortunate to have him on our team.

10/10 – Charles is a great instructor no matter what experience level.
By Tomas Benavidez-Albuquerque Fire Dept. / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is a top-notch KB instructor. His classes are fun, challenging, and definetely worth it. He is able to help correct any bad techniques during class to help get the maximum efficiency out of your workout. I’ve been to classes where other instructors are saying they got a great workout the day before with Charles. Highly recommended.

10/10 – Great Intro Class
By Sean Martinez / Albuquerque, NM USA

I had never done anything similar to kettlebells and was pleasantly surprised with the workout I had with Charles. He was very attentive and personal in his approach and tailored the workout to my needs. I’d definitely go back to Charles as I felt his approach was very professional with my best interests at the forefront.

10/10 – Exceptional Instructor/Trainer
By J.Lance-White / Albuquerque, NM USA via Vancouver, BC

I have had fantastic experiences working out with Charles. Last year I had a hip injury that has hindered me from completing intense workouts. When Charles puts me thru a workout I am pain free (well, realitively speaking…my hip is pain free!)

Most of my experience in sport and conditioning comes from playing fastpitch for 26 years. In that time frame I trained and prepared for two Olympic Games. I started swinging Bell’s about 7-8 years ago and thought I had fairly good knowledge of some basic moves however, Charles brings a technically sound eye that has made my workouts much more efficient and challenging.

I can honestly say Charles brings an intensity and knowledge of conditioning that I would put up against any of my past world class personal trainers. He trains you specifically to address your needs and weaknesses with an enthusiasm that makes you want to work harder than you think you can!

If you are looking to just get yourself in shape, your recovering from an injury or your goals are performance based, Charles will take you to that next level.

I highly recommend Charles and I look forward to working out with him in the future. Thanks Charles!

PS Bring your water bottle…your going to sweat!!!

10/10 – Awesome!
By E. Lucero / Albuquerque, NM

Charles has been a great motivator and great trainer! I’ve been doing KBs for a few years now and he is very knowledgable and provides strong workouts that push me to excel!

10/10 – Awesome
By Marc Pacheco / Albuquerque

Charles is the real deal! He really knows what he is doing & is a great motivator. I have always worked out but at the time I was in a workout rut. Charles got me motivated again & pushed me to a new level. He has the ability to see the imbalances in your muscles & helped me to develop workouts to improve these areas.

10/10 – My body is still SORE!
By Rob Jaramillo / Albuquerque, NM

I did an training class with Charles after a few weeks getting back on the bells from a break. Charles was able to quickly identify my strengths and weaknesses and adjust my form for using the bells. I have known this guy since HIGH SCHOOL; he was a flaco kind of guy. Now he’s just RiDOCulous in his knowledge, strength, teaching abilities and pushed you harder then ever before.



10/10 – Charles is amazing!
By Kristin / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is unique, motivating and intense as a Kettlebell trainer. I have gained so much working with him. He has improved my strength as well as helped me lose over 5 inches in the waist. On a mental level he has pushed me out of weakness and into challenging myself.
His workouts are fun and creative! I can’t compare him to an average gym–there is nothing average about his technique in training and attitude. Its been positive results for tone, strength, nutrition and weight loss. Charles is the best!!

10/10 – A “Master” Trainer
By Adam Turk / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charles Bustos is an excellent and professional trainer. I would train with Charles without any hesitation. Charles has many great attributes that makes a “master” trainer in my mind from providing motivation to his clients to effectively communicating new routines. He challenges his clients to push themselves beyond their comfort zone with out hurting themselves. I have definitely progress in kettlebell weight due to Charles’ encouragement. Charles also checks with his clients for injuries, pain, or aches before a workout and monitors them through out so as not to further aggravate these conditions. His workouts are innovating and stimulating, blending in traditional kettlebell exercises with non-traditional ones. I would place Charles in the top ranks of trainers due to his knowledge in training and full engagement with clients. I look forward to training with Charles again and again.

10/10 – Hands Down the Best
By Anna Weddington / Albuquerque, NM

Charles Bustos is professional through and through. He is the reason I am still in kettlebells. His coaching style has me looking forward to the next class. Charles is the best at communicating with you to keep you focused on your goals. He will make sure you get his very best with each workout. Charles is demanding yet encouraging. He is very energetic and knowledgeable and will always adapt to your ability and keep you in top form. He is a great motivator who really knows how to keep you interested and has the knack for keeping the fun in the workout. He is hands down the best instructor. Superb!

10/10 – Focused and Fun!
By Lora Lee Ortiz / Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have been training with kettlebells for over two years. The strength and flexibility I have developed using this training method has helped me rehabilitate a shoulder injury from which surgeons thought I might not recover full strength. I have exceeded expectations of the surgeon and the physical therapists who worked with me on the injury and recovery. I have also increased core body strength to prevent future and experienced positive changes in my overall health.

I had the opportunity to attend training sessions led by Charles Bustos and found myself able to increase not only the size and weight of kettlebells but to increase my endurance while using heavier weights! He has insight into his student’s abilities and is in tune with the various levels of strength and ability, adapting to keep for safety and effectiveness.

He is extremely knowledgeable about kettlebell training and is creative in his programs so that his participants are not bored and continue to work hard. He emphasizes form and safety with a positive, encouraging approach. Progressive results prove the effectiveness!

He addresses specific issues and limitations through mobility drills to enabling participants to complete the drills within just a few minutes of his adjustments. I consistently have positive experiences with ongoing sessions.

Charles has a no-nonsense approach to strength training and conditioning and is the perfect choice for everyone who wants real results – from the novice to the accomplished athlete. I refer him regularly to colleagues, friends and family.

10/10 – Pleased Parents
By Eloy and Sharon / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles has been working with our teenage son. Even though the workouts are intense, our son has never felt defeated. He has continued to feel encouraged and feels that Charles truly cares for his health and improvement as an athlete. We have seen tremendous improvement in his strength, mobility, and conditioning in such a short time. We like the fact that Charles works right along our son and demonstrates every exercise. He customizes every workout for effectiveness and safety. We have been so happy with the work he has done with our son, that our daughter just had her first session with him. We would recommend Charles to anyone who is not afraid to work hard for enormous results. We feel confident in his ability to work with any fitness level and any age. We appreciate his dedication, expertise, intensity, and his ability to adapt to each person’s level of fitness. His care and passion for his client’s is obvious and well received. “Thank you Charles”!

10/10 – It’s addicting
By SC / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles is extremly professional and encourages you to never give up. He pushes you with safety always in mind to go to the next level. Each workout you leave with a new level of confidence and your results show the success. Kettlebells are new and challenging for both men and women to train your body in an intense and powerful way that you can’t get at the gym. Results both strength and definition show fast and it’s addicting. You crave the workouts!!

10/10 – To The Limit
By Alfred / Albuquerque, NM

Mr. Bustos is a very professional, encouraging, and motivating instructor. I have been training with kettlebells for the past three years, but had never taken a class before. Mr. Bustos was very welcoming when I approached him at Firebellz. His class was excellent. The combination of KB movements with tension exercise was nothing I had ever done before. I have now incorporated several elements from his class into my KB routines. For all the self trained and motivated individuals like myself, I would highly encourage training with him and recommend Mr. Bustos as an instructor. There is always something new to learn. Thank you!

10/10 – Hardcore Training Instructor
By T.G. / Albuquerque, NM

Charles and this training are amazing. When I made the decision to get in shape I didnt have a clue charles would push me to the limit, However, he also motivated me in accomplishing a dramitic transformation within twelve (12) weeks. I reccomend this type of training to everyone and I strongly reccomend Charles as the instructor.

10/10 – Mr. Tension
By Marla Diener, RKC / Albuquerque, NM

Tension is simultaneously one of the most important and the most overlooked aspects of strength training. It is certainly what separates hard style RKC training and techniques from many other types of training. If you are looking for a trainer who can teach you the fine art of tension…. Charles is your man!

10/10 – Wow..what a motivator
By Carrie / Albuquerque

First time I worked with the kettlebell was while in the fire academy. Thats where I got hooked. I actually met Charles at a Saturday BYOB session at Bataan park. Let me tell you…no mercy. From then on he would let me know when he was going to be teaching at the studio and I was hooked!

He is a great motivator and really knows how to keep you interested by making your workout fun and at the same time kicking your butt!! His classes are awesome!!

10/10 – Awesome Instructor
By Jim Denniston-FDNY / albuquerque NM

I had the pleasure to train with Charles at FireBellz while I was in Albuquerque. He is a great instructor and motivator. Training with him was both informative and humbling. His workouts kicked my butt. He seemed to always have new ways to challenge the class. I had a great experience in my short time here in NM.

10/10 – Dedicated and Committed Trainer
By S. Ortiz / Albuquerque Firefighter

The kettlebell workout is the first exercise program that my wife and I have been able to participate in together and enjoy enough to keep both of us not only interested and engaged, but also to gain enough fitness and health results to keep us inspired to continue. I saw positive changes in my health within the first month of training.

Charles Bustos demonstrates experience in working with a group by being in tune with the various levels of strength and ability and adapting to keep things not only safe but effective.

He is extremely knowledgeable about kettlebell training and is creative in his class programs so that his participants are never bored but continue to work hard with desired outcomes. He emphasizes form and safety. Participants experience plenty of sweat with progressive results to prove the effectiveness!

He performs specific mobility drills as necessary so that participants who may struggle with certain moves can complete the program.

Charles has a no-nonsense approach to strength training and conditioning and is the perfect choice for everyone who wants real results – from the novice to the accomplished athlete. I refer him regularly to my fellow firefighters, friends and family.

10/10 – Technically sound, gifted and motivational
By Greg McNeil / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is an outstanding trainer hands down and a credit to the staff at FireBellz training facility. I was not even a novice at kettlebells when I met Charles while touring the facility. Charles Bustos inspired me to take up the challenge of training with KBells and I’m glad I did. Now I intend to become a RKC trainer in the near future and Charles is the reason why. Thanks for your support, consideration and technical expertise. I look forward to continuing my quest for awesome health!

10/10 – Aligned and motivated

I went to Charles Bustos for help with athletic movements and postural alignment. He was able to show me many specific movements and stretches to help correct my posture and take stress off of my joints during exercise and athletic activities. After learning some of the movements and consistently doing them day to day a lot of fatigue and pain from parts of my body has ceased. Bustos explained reasons why joint mobility and spinal alignment was important and also the benefits of z health. This whole experience definitely showed me how important stretching and taking care of our spine and joints are so important. Charles Bustos is very good at breaking things down and making things stick.

10/10 – A truly gifted motivator/ instructor
By Ryan / Albuquerque, NM

My experience with charles can only be described as positive. The knowledge base and his ability to teach belong in among the highest level of instructors. The teaching methods used come across in a student friendly manner. This manner enabled me to push myself to a level I never thought I could acheive.

10/10 – For women who want to get in Shape or take it to the next level , Charles is the man!
By Deserie / Albuquerque NM

When I first tried Bells I was skeptical. I had been training only with conventional weights for many years. I was scared to try this new method. As a matter of fact the first several times I wasn’t sure if it was for me.

I am very active I run, bike and enjoy many other activities. I also have 2 children , I have to be healthy and able to stay up with them. Training with Charles pushing me has helped my life in every aspect. My whole outlook on fitness has changed !

I see many male reviews on the website but now female reviews. Charles is very Knowledgeable and in touch with the human body. He will help you understand your weakness and make you feel stronger,better and more in tune with your body then you ever have!!!

Charles is a awesome trainer and I recommend him highly. I have people ask me all the time how I stay in such wonderful shape when they never see my at a convential gym anymore?

I will tell you now it’s Kettlebells and Charles. I am very happy with what he’s taught me I look and feel great. I will continue to use Charles’s advise and training to stay on track.

10/10 – True fitness and health
By Patrick Feist / Albuquerque,New Mexico

Training with Charles Bustos has changed my whole outlook on fitness. Throughout my twenty year career as a firefighter I have tried numerous workout routines. I have spent alot of time in gyms and fitness centers lifting weights and or using cardio machines. Charles as taught me that true fitness means improving your overall health.The benefits of kettlebell training are numerous.Kettlebell training increases strength,improves cardio-output,flexibilty, and helps you lose or maintain your desired weight.Charles is detailed with his instruction. He takes the time to demostrate the exercises to insure good form and technique in order to prevent injuries. Chales’s true strength is that he listens to you and personalizes your workout. I am an avid golfer,tennis player,and bicyclist, Charles devised a plan specificly for these activities.Since training with Charles I definitely see improvement Charles is a great motivator and makes the workouts enjoyable. I truly reccomend him as a personal trainer.If you want to improve the way you look and feel Charles can help make it happen.Charles is truly good at what he does.

10/10 – Albuquerque’s own “Dane of Pain”
By Mark O’Reilly / Albuquerque, NM

Charles is one of the best fitness trainers I’ve seen in almost 20 years of fitness training. I had the good fortune to attend a recent session at Firebellz with Charles and his partners Heidi and Zar that consisted of kettlebells, mobility, strength training and all around “kick your butt” stamina work. Without a doubt, that was two of the hardest hours of my life.

This was my first class with Charles (the three of them switched off, capitalizing on the strength of each instructor while keeping the intensity cranked up). I was extremely impressed with his style of instruction and the obvious knowledge he brings to the class. I’d take another class with him anytime.

The intensity was perfect, and their skill in keeping the training safe, in control and in perfect form was impressive for a class that size (about 20).

If you’re looking for a challenge, if you want to learn kettlebells, and if you want to get better, Charles, Zar and Heidi at Firebellz should be your first choice in Albuquerque.

By Michael Wydra / Orange, Ct.

Charles was an instructor in a RKC class I took in Feb. 09, in Connecticut. He is very knowledgeable with the bells and stretching. I was even more impressed when he worked the beast. After that there was no questioning his ability or heart for the bells. Charles was able to show us the correct movements and even some great isometric moves. I am in much better shape because of what i learned from Charles. Thank You from myself and my family.

By E Valenzuela / Albuquerque, NM

Heck, I don’t even know where to start. I’m a person with asthma and very bad knees so I was every nervous going into the IGNITION class…I went into this with my nephews who are about 15 years younger than me…so I was nervous about passing out…or not being able to keep up. CHARLES WAS AMAZING…and VERY patience with me…but that didn’t slow him down or ease up on us he pushed and good…very, very good instructor. He takes into account for everything…he listens and know how much he can and should push to get you where you want to be. Well, I did keep up with the youngins, who were doin a little sweatin of their own and WE have Charles to thank for that…if you get the chance to do the workouts and you get Charles you will not be disappointed. SUCH AN AWESOME WORKOUT!!! Thank you Charles I look forward to coming back…oh, and bringing some friend with me!!!

By Andrea U-Shi Chang RKC, Z Health Practitioner / Kettlebility – Seattle, WA USA

I have had the great pleasure to be able to witness and to be a part of Charles’ classes at Firebellz — what a motivator! Not only does he work hard, a true coach in leading by example, but he is also a talented instructor, with an eye for form and function. He is energetic, encouraging, and demanding…making sure that you get the very best out of every work out, and every move you make. Charles breaks it down, and then builds it back up, and you’ll love every minute of it! You definitely owe it to yourself to train with Charles, he’ll help you get to where you want to be, because he’s AWESOME!!!

10/10 – A Great Instructor
By Stephen Curry / CT, USA

Charles, a poster boy for strength and flexibility! Charles was an instructor at a 2 day seminar in CT geared for firefighters. Through his demonstrations, instruction, and enthusiasm, Charles impressed me on the complete value of RKC. Charles shared 2 days of complete attention, knowldge, and skill in our class. Thank you, Charles.

10/10 – THE BEAST!
By Craig- Kettlebell seminar in CT / Boston, MA

Charles was great! Very enthusiastic and hands on. Knew his stuff and made every feel involved. I was impressed by his overall knowledge of fitness and core body strength. I learned alot!

10/10 – Tough love
By Christopher Riccio / Trumbull, CT USA

Charles was one of the instructors for a kettlebell seminar for a group of firefighters in Connecticut.
His enthusiasm was clearly evident in the way he explained each step to us. He focused on each individual muscle and showed us how to push these muscles to their max without causing injury. His firm, but friendly teaching style made his tough workouts enjoyable.
He took the time to make sure we got everything right. It was clear that he enjoyed being there and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with us.
Charles and the rest of the team set me on a course for a healthier lifestyle that will also help me be better at my job.

10/10 – Motivation!
By Wes Zehnder / Albuquerque, NM

Charles has introduced me to kettlebells and I can’t see ever going back to conventional workouts again. He is a great instructor with alot of patience and is very knowledgeable. He will motivate you to push yourself hard and make sure you are useing the proper form to prevent injuries. Charles is awesome at mixing up the workouts and intergrating body weight exercises. I would recommend him to anyone.

10/10 – Power Flexibility!
By Donna J Thompson / Albuquerque, NM

The first time I saw Charles, he was demonstrating his progress with mastering the pistol in preparation for RKC Certification. What impressed me the most was how seriously he joined flexibility training with kettlebell workouts. Charles’ classes offer a high intensity workout of grinds and snatches that have left me exhausted but stronger every time. I have also learned some very challenging body weight exercises that Charles incorporates in his classes.
Charles is an intense, highly energetic kettlebell instructor.

10/10 – Dedicated Instructor
By J. Lucero / Albuquerque, New mexico USA

I have done several sessions with Charles. He has helped me fine tune the techniques I already knew, and he has taught me several advanced techniques. Charles is very dedicated to continue learning as much as he can about kettlebells so he can be the best instructor that he can be.

10/10 – Push yourself into the Bustos workout!!!
By JP / Albuquerque NM

Bustos has motivated me to push myself during his workouts and I’ve yet to be able to reproduce that type of energy during my workouts alone or with others. With that being said, he can motivate and bring out capabilties you didn’t know you had. That is the type of personal trainer you want! He is a good teacher and can improve your form so your workouts are safe and targeting the correct muscle groups. These are all the things he’s given me with my exposure to his kettlebell workouts. Give him a try you won’t regret it!!!!

10/10 – Best workout I’v ever had !!!!
By Ossie Steward / Albuquerque

I’v known Charles for a couple of years now and I have always admired his workout ethic and determination. I asked him to show me a few things to help me get leaner and more cardiovascular fit. He did exactly that. I was a collegiate swimmer and made it through AFD’s fire academy, and these are the best workouts I have ever had. And, the only ones, after 17 years of swimming and the academy, that have ever made me wana puke. He has the ability to take your strengths and abilities and develop them into the correct form to get the max out of every workout. Now I am only doing kettle bells and love it.

10/10 – Amazing!!!
By David Telles / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles has an amazing ability of bringing out the best in an individual during a kettlebell workout! Every time i am part of Charles’ slow burn class he takes me to my physical and mental peak but he also helps motivate me to break through to the next level. Even though I was already in great physical condition before i started kettlebells I have noticed rapid gains since i began training with Charles. An instructor must lead by example, Charles is a great leader and he sets an impeccable example. His passionate work ethic is infectious and is something to be desired….he is a machine!

10/10 – Technically Sound
By Raul C / Alb, NM

Charles helped me clean up basic bell exercises,he also taugh me adavanced techniques. His teaching sytle is clean and very technical. He was able to find my flaws and help me to correct them in a matter of minutes. He knows what he’s talking about. More importantly he knows what he’s doing!

10/10 – Master Motivator
By Quincy Gonzales / Albuquerque, NM USA

Charles has been inspirational in bringing out the best in my kettlebell workouts. We train early mornings and he pushes me to the limit to meet or exceed any expectations. No matter what career your in…..kettlebells definitely can mentally and physically enhance you.

10/10 – FireBellz in the house
By Doug Nepodal, Sr. RKC / Ventura, CA

I knew Charles was coming into the RKC with a little extra stress. You see he was sent by a fellow RKC Team leader and I knew it. So I expected great form right out of the box and Charles didn’t disappoint.
It was a pleasure to have him as part of the team and now part of the RKC family.

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