Amy Lewis


Amy Lewis was born in Prescott, AZ into a family where she is the youngest of three girls.  Growing up, her parents encouraged her to be active and involved in things that inspire her.  She started in gymnastics early on and then moved on to ballet and modern dance in her college years.  She was involved in local plays and musicals where she sang and danced.  Creativity is an integral part of what drives Amy, and through drawing and painting she fulfills that aspect of her being.  She has been creating unique pieces of art crafted on cards for birthdays and special occasions for over 25 years.  Currently she works for Gap Inc. in the corporate finance and accounting division and has been part of the company for 17 years.  The pride of her life is her daughter Mackensie, who attends Colorado College in Co. Springs.  Her favorite pastime is to spend as much time with Mac as possible, sharing creative interests as well as loving conversations.  When she’s not working or working out she is on the go.  Between visiting her daughter in Co, her boyfriend in L.A. or family in AZ, travel is one of Amy’s other loves.  She enjoys camping and hiking in the summer and fall and snowboarding in the winter.

Amy discovered working out with the kettle bells well over 6 years ago.  She started at the first studio when there were only 3 instructors.  Prior to working out with kettle bells she endured knee pain when hiking and running.  It was a condition that she figured she’d have to live with and that, of course, it would get worse with age.  After six months of working out with the KB her legs and overall body strength were immensely increased and she was able to hike and run without pain.  She has since taken on snowboarding and yoga with her increased strength, mobility and agility.  She is a huge advocate of kettle bells as a fantastic tool to increase overall body strength it and its unparalleled convenience.  Amy often says, “If you have one bell at home, you can get a full body workout in and it hardly takes up any space! “  She has never gotten bored with the KB workouts as she did when going to a gym, because her creativity, matched with the possibilities of KB movements, offer endless potential.  The versatility of the workouts she has learned over the years through Fire-bellz has kept her inspired and motivated to maintain strength and mobility to ensure she continues to enjoy her active lifestyle.  Amy currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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