Lilibeth Geswaldo


Lilibeth is a native New Jerseyan with a long background in health and fitness. She obtained her Master of Public Health in health education and promotion from the University of South Carolina after finishing college, and went on to obtain her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine. She currently practices as a physician with ABQ Health Partners. 

Lilibeth has been recreationally active in all sorts of sports and exercise activities – softball, volleyball, running, tennis, horseback riding, snowboarding, even step aerobics. She completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 1998, with the consequence of painful knees and a subsequent aversion to running. She began training with kettlebells at Firebellz in 2010 in an effort to lose weight from her first pregnancy over a year earlier. She successfully completed BTC I weighing less than before her pregnancy and with a lot more strength than ever. She also discovered that her knees hurt a lot less, thanks to finally learning how to properly train! 

Her new-found passion of kettlebells and strength has led her to obtain her SFG I certification in March 2013. She continued with the StrongFirst Bodyweight certification (SFB) in May 2013, and recently obtained her StrongFirst Barbell certification (SFL) in July 2013. She is currently training for SFG II and the Iron Maiden Challenge. 

Lilibeth’s commitment to Firebellz has grown as well; she is an instructor for Spark, All Levels, and True Strength, and has been involved with this year’s Body Transformation Contests as a Team Leader. 

Lilibeth is married to Aaron, and is the proud mommy of two girls, who LOVE to go to Disney World as much as she does!

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