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Ranking System

FIREBELLZ is an elite training facility that is known for providing a superior level of training. Our attention to detail is unmatched and our mission is to provide a safe, fun and effective training environment. The FIREBELLZ RANK system is very similar to the belt system in martial arts. It is made up of a series of wrist bands that consist of PURPLE, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, RED, BROWN and BLACK. The primary reason of the RANK system is SAFETY.

Members are REQUIRED to wear their RANK band to class so that the instructor knows what level each member is at and has the ability to adjust accordingly to ensure safety for all while challenging everyone to the appropriate level.

ALL members MUST RANK test to the level of PURPLE to be eligible to attend All Levels Classes.

RANK Testing to PURPLE is done after SPARK classes. Members MUST demonstrate that their form is SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

RANK testing to ORANGE, GREEN or BLUE can be done with any instructor AFTER class or in a personal session.

RANK testing to RED, BROWN or BLACK MUST be done with a Senior or Chief Instructor AFTER class or in a personal session.

Specialty Classes
MUST be GREEN or above to attend Advanced Classes
MUST be BLUE or above to attend TRUE STRENGTH

Members MUST demonstrate proficiency all movements in BLACK and perform movements in RED satisfactory with up to 5 cues to be successful.

Deadlift- 1-arm/2-arm
Swing- 1-arm/2-arm
High-Pull Catch
Goblet Squat
Ball-of-foot Squat
Rope Slam (taught not tested)
Sled Push (taught not tested)
Cheat Clean (taught not tested)
Goblet Press (taught not tested)
Goblet Squat Press (taught not tested)
Press (taught not tested)

Seniors (60 and over) with Dowels
High Pull Swing
Sumo-Deadlift (taught not tested)

Push Up
Seniors (60 and over) Incline Push Up
Push Press
Bottoms Up Clean and Press (taught not tested)

Double Swing Double Clean Men – pull-up Women – 15 Second Hang
Zercher Squat (taught not tested)

Get Up
Double Squat
Double Push Press
Pull Up-Women
Weighted Pull Up-Men
Cossack Squat (taught not tested)
Barbell Deadlift (taught not tested)

Double Press
Double Snatch
Double Jerk (taught not tested)
Jefferson Deadlift (taught not tested)
Double BU Clean (taught not tested)

Snatch Test
High Bridge Get Up
Double Press x 5 with Snatch Weight
Bent Press (taught not tested)

Snatch Test Requirements

Men under 132lbs 20kg 100/5min
Men over 132lbs 24kg 100/5min
Men Masters (50-64) 20kg 100/5min
Men Seniors (65 and over) 20kg 50/3min

Women under 123.5lbs 12kg 100/5min
Women over 56kg/123.5lbs 14kg 100/5min
Women Masters (50-64) 10kg 100/5min
Women Seniors (65 and over) 10kg 80/5min

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