Mark Hofman-Day 16

So today was a little busy, had some eggs for breakfast and not much more for the rest of the day. That I do not recommend. Headed to Firebellz to catch up on some work and then headed to a clients house to train her and a friend. Then headed back to Firebellz to work some barbell stuff with another instructor. I was hoping to get in some training of my own but there wasn’t any time. From there I had an appointment at Red Phoenix Acupuncture, I had some acupuncture done as well as some cupping. Both I would highly recommend. I have been dealing with some issues with my shoulders and they have gotten progressively better. Now we’re starting on my hamstrings, I pulled it about a year ago and of course I didn’t treat or rehab it properly. So a quick thank you to Jaymie at Red Phoenix Acupuncture. Then it was back to Firebellz to finish some work and an instructor meeting. From there I headed up to Zack’s baseball game, which they won. Game ended around 10:00pm, then then had to deal with some unnecessary stress which led to a bad night of sleep. But that’s neither here nor there, just part of life. Well that’s about it for this day. How you are all doing well and training hard.