Get Started

The first step is to create a member account.

You can come in to our location and register on FIREBELLZ Mind/Body System or do it from home at

Next you can contact a trainer to schedule a personal session(personal sessions are $50-90 depending on the trainer you choose)

or you can purchase the 60 for 60 Get Started Special and start with SPARK classes.




60 Days for $60 

FIREBELLZ wants you to get the full FIREBELLZ experience so you can make an informed decision if FIREBELLZ is the right fit for you. 

All members MUST start with the SPARK(Introduction Class). This class is used to teach the foundation movements and prepare everyone for the All Levels Classes. We also use this class as a time to assess compensation patterns or any movement dysfunction. SPARK classes are 60 minute classes Wednesday at 7:10 pm and Saturday at 10:30am.


All members MUST RANK test to PURPLE to be eligible to attend All Levels Classes. The RANK testing process is used to ensure safe and effective form.

The amount of SPARK classes someone attends before they are ready to RANK test is different for each individual. In general we are giving you 30 days to RANK test and then you will have 30 days of UNLIMITED classes to see all of the different styles from all of the instructors and experience the positive and encouraging environment.

Once you have completed your 60 days and see why we say you have to experience FIREBELLZ for yourself we can discuss which option works best for you and your fitness goals.


Unlimited Membership – A flat monthly rate with the option to attend an unlimited number of all-level classes per month


Annual Membership – An annual membership offering unlimited all-level classes at an overall discounted monthly rate.  An automated withdrawal from your bank account must be set-up with the Annual Membership option


Private Sessions – We have a well-rounded, highly educated and experienced staff here at FIREBELLZ.  All our Instructors are certified and happy to assist you with your fitness goals.  Working with a trainer in a one-on-one setting offers you an individualized training program that is tailored to your personal goals and needs.