FIREBELLZ Success Story: Lisa Vargas

I started training at FIREBELLZ in the summer of 2010.  I was in desperate need of knee rehab, and some inspiration to get back in the athletic arena.  Before I joined FIREBELLZ I had been boxing since I was 14 years old. I was never able to have a boxing career because I was always getting injured, specifically my knees.  By the time I met Zar and was introduced to FIREBELLZ I was depressed, injured, and had lost my love of movement. I have always had a passion for sports.  I would like to consider myself a lifetime athlete.  Unfortunately, my body did not support my dreams.

Throughout my life, starting at the age of 8, I was diagnosed with bad knees. Athletic movement/physical fitness have been a passion of mine since I can remember.  I would play any sport I could participate in and inevitably get injured out, never fully able to master a sport or develop a true connection with a team.

I met Zar 6 months after my last knee surgery.  I was desperate need of a good rehab program, and a new workout regimen that would get me back into the boxing gym.

Kettlebells and Z-health were 70% of my recovery. The other 30% was the encouragement, and inspiration from the other trainers/instructors and clients at FIREBELLZ.  I saw incredible gains in the first 2 months.  I was addicted.  The classes were challenging, the trainers were knowledgeable, and my fellow gym members were friendly and motivational.  I started with personal sessions and slowly moved into the “all levels” classes.  My knees were improving, and my leg strength was rapidly increasing. I also began to see a rapid change in my body, I was losing weight and getting stronger.

My goals have changed throughout my years of training at FIREBELLZ.  Each time it has been a privelage to have the help and training knowledge of our exceptional team. Throughout my training I have faced several obstacles, the majority of which have been knee related.

In the past, I have seen several doctors/trainers/therapists about my knees, I have never been able to find a quick fix, or clear explanation for my problems.  The constant failure has been quite defeating.  I have come to the realization that injury and immobility are often a symptom of several issues, rarely is there ever one clear reason/problem.  That is where FIREBELLZ has been instrumental in my success.

When I first started training with Zar he promised that he could find a way to get me back into shape and boxing while maintaining good health, improving my strength and mobility, and without injury.  The road has not been smooth, but my successes are great.

Every time I’ve hit an obstacle, FIREBELLZ has given me the tools to address and overcome it.  Zar, Charles, Des, and JJ have been instrumental in both my physical and psychological health.  These incredible trainers inspire my training, are encouraging during the lows, and help keep me motivated and on track.

I have not only been able to get both my level I and 2 certifications in kettlebells, but I have completed several z-health certifications.  I became an instructor in 2012, the experience has changed my life. Becoming an instructor was an incredible journey, not easy but so rewarding.  To be a trainer/instructor at FIREBELLZ is an adventure in knowledge, performance, and miracles.  The learning curve is steep, but the knowledge is phenomenal. , You learn how to truly help people, how to change the body, encourage the un-motivated, and challenge the individual.  FIREBELLZ is the only gym that offers such a high level of expertise, at reasonable cost.  They are truly dedicated to helping others succeed in their performance/physical goals; the intensity is great, and the faith in our clientele is unyielding.  It is an honor to be a part of this training team.

“If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions.”

-Carlson Gracie

After my last knee surgery, I was told that I would required knee replacement at 30.  I am now 34. FIREBELLZ is the reason I am still mobile, and the motivation and faith that I need to continue to be injury free. The key to any gym is to find a rhythm and comfort with your surroundings, and to be able to trust the knowledge and experience of your trainers.  The trainers/instructors at FIREBELLZ are my family, my friends, and most importantly my tools for success.