Beautiful Strength Program

The FIREBELLZ Beautiful Strength Program is a 4 week program designed by women to meet the special needs of women.

Most women feel intimidated in a gym or feel it is not “lady like” to be strong. We hear all to often “I don’t want to get bulky” We are here to educate you and encourage ALL women to reach their full potential. It is time to remove those self imposed limitations.

Their is never going to be a “perfect” time to get started. You must make time to focus on you and your training.

Beautiful Strength will breakdown all movements to ensure they are performed in the most efficient manner to achieve maximum results.

The goal is better movement, through the improvement of skill, mobility and strength.

A variety of tools are used including kettlebells, barbells, bands, balls, etc. Class sizes are not only small but additional instructors are present in each class allowing more personalized attention and skill development.

ALL women will be challenged to the appropriate level to ensure progress each and every session. This program will provide a safe non-threatening environment so all of the women can focus on their needs and goals. This will be an encouraging and positive setting so that everyone achieves more together.

Its time to realize how amazing you are! We will help you see your true potential and then achieve it.

It’s time to give yourself the credit you deserve.

Invest in yourself, your worth it.

Beautiful Strength-4 Week Program

Workshop-May 25th


Classes start June 1st

Sunday 10:15am-11:45am

Monday 7:10pm-8:10pm

Thursday 12pm-1pm


If you have any questions contact Deserie at 261-1582.

Beautiful Strength is the future, strong women that strength train.

We would also like to give credit to all of the strong and powerful women that are leading the movement of empowering women to be STRONG in our community.

Master SFG Karen Smith-Iron Maiden

Neghar Fonooni