Hip Mobility for Strength


Movement and “stretching” is underestimated and underappreciated, especially when “strength” is the end goal.  Generally it is not until mobility decreases and pain starts, is there a thought that stretching or something should be done.  This misconception and process is reactive.  Having both mobility and strength creates a stronger and more complete body.  With this [...]

Success Story-George Perez


I started my workout journey at Defined Fitness about 6 years ago with no real lasting results. My weight would pretty much stay the same and I wasn’t building any muscle. My friend Matt Long had been working out at FIREBELLZ and I could see how dramatic his results were in just a short amount [...]

Come and try yoga at FIREBELLZ


We are very happy to bring yoga to FIREBELLZ. We have had a great response to the first few classes. We invite you to come and try yoga at FIREBELLZ with Fern Daniels. Fern is a yoga practitioner of over 11 years. Her practice before becoming a teacher was guided within Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram [...]

Success Story-Debbie Lambers


My name is Debbie Lambers. I’m 58 years old and I recently retired.  I spent my last twenty years working with a federal law enforcement agency.  Because I was law enforcement, there was a strong emphasis on physical fitness.  I had access to a gym located just steps from my office.  I worked out but [...]

Success Story-Daniela Flores


In 2008 I was at my heaviest weight which was 255lbs, I had just had my daughter and had become comfortable with being fat or at least I thought I was. The turning point for me was a conversation I had had with my boss one afternoon. We were sitting in our shared office having [...]

Mark Hofman-Day 16

So today was a little busy, had some eggs for breakfast and not much more for the rest of the day. That I do not recommend. Headed to Firebellz to catch up on some work and then headed to a clients house to train her and a friend. Then headed back to Firebellz to work [...]

Mark Hofman Day 6-14


Welcome back everyone, oh wait I guess I was the one missing in action for a few days!  So basically, baseball and a couple of extra shifts at the fire station, among other things, took over my life this week and threw me all off.  But I’m back on track now.  I continued to get [...]

Mark Hofman-Day 5


So day five started off by heading to the fire station.  Got here and it was business as usual, cleaning up, going on calls, training and just the day to day station stuff.  It was actually a busier day then usual.  Wasn’t able to get a workout in until about 9pm.  Just walked to the gym [...]

Mark Hofman-Day 4


So day four wasn’t too bad.  Kind of a rest day for me. Except most of the day was spent with six kids form the previous nights sleep over. Kids played baseball, had a water balloon fight, and just crazy kid stuff.  I didn’t train today.  I did have an acupuncture appointment at Red Phoenix [...]

Mark Hofman-Day 3


So where do I start with day three??? It was a bit of a rollercoaster of a day.  Started the day with an 8:30 client. Ate another Dales raw food protein bar on my way out the door. Had to run a couple errands and then off to the grocery store with the kids, which is always [...]