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Saturday August 31, 9am to NOON to complete the registration process:

Take the first step toward a true and lasting change with The FIREBELLZ Body Transformation Contest. This is an opportunity to create a powerful transformation, have a performance lifestyle allowing you to effortlessly enjoy more clarity, more energy, more success and ultimately more freedom.

The most driven people see fitness success and career success as separate; it's either one or the other, but not both. This faulty thinking is flat out wrong. The idea that you can swap your health and energy for achievement is a false belief, a misunderstanding of the physics of success.

Look 20 or more years ahead in your life, and you'll know there is no success without health, do you want to win the race only to die on the finish line. That's not success; that's sacrifice. You can't sacrifice your health and fitness goals for your success. Without health what do you have? Health and success are not two goals-they are interdependent.​

Strengthening your body and energizing your mind is not a sacrifice, but an investment in your most precious resource-you. When you are strong, healthy, and alive with energy, you are more confident and more in control. Your results in all areas of your life will improve as well.

Taking just three hours a week to renew, recharge and reboot your body and mind is by far the best investment you will ever make. In 12 weeks-should you dare to join us on this journey-you will gain strength, energy, renewed health, a clearer mind, as well as take some inches off here and there and feel more in control of your life than you've felt in years!

​The one and only FIREBELLZ Body Transformation Contest.

A 12 week program that produces DRAMATIC RESULTS.

Included in the BTC package:

  1. 🔘
  2. 🔘
  3. 🔘
  4. 🔘
  5. 🔘
  6. 🔘
  7. 🔘
  8. 🔘
  9. 🔘
  10. 🔘

  11. *1 MUST be a NEW member to take advantage of this special

  12. Requirements:
  13. 🔘  Resistance/Strength Training at FIREBELLZ 3x a week-minimum
  14. 🔘  GOALS- 3 written goals
  15. 🔘  BEFORE and AFTER photos (bring your camera as well to have a copy for your records)
  16. 🔘  Food Log – weekly – Hardcopy
  17. 🔘  Body weight – weekly
  18. 🔘  Performance Reassessment – every other week
  19. 🔘  Body fat % turned in at the end of each month (Week 4,8 and 12)
  20. 🔘  Measurements-at the end of each month (Week 4,8 and 12)

***BTC participants need to sign up for a scheduled time to get BEFORE photo, measurements, and weigh in done.

The only excused absences will be related to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the participants in the following categories: personal emergencies, family, faith obligations and illness.

EVERYONE that trains at FIREBELLZ must have the appropriate rank band to attend the all levels class and/or the advanced levels class. We encourage you to sign up for the BTC as soon as possible to take advantage of the UNLIMITED SPARK classes to refine movements and ensure a smooth transition into group classes.

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