60 Days for $60

Our very popular 60 DAYS FOR 60 DOLLARS offer has ended.  We will be offering it again in June.


FIREBELLZ would like to help you usher in 2013 with an AMAZING SPECIAL to help you tackle your fitness goals.

With proper and safe Kettlebell training you will achieve new levels of strength, mobility, shred unwanted body fat, and gain incredible levels of athletic power and endurance.

FIREBELLZ invites you to come to our facility and experience carefully supervised instruction as you learn proper and safe kettlebell techniques. While you learn the techniques you will be surrounded by our knowledgeable and supportive staff in a non-competitive environment giving you constant feedback so you can become proficient and safe –and participate in some of the most intense strength and conditioning workouts available!

FIREBELLZ is offering -


That’s right!   For 60 days you can attend Classes at FIREBELLZ for $60.

All students will start by attending our SPARK* classes.  In the SPARK classes you will learn your baseline set of kettlebell skills. You will also become familiar with our class format and programming. Upon graduation from the SPARK program, the rest of your 60-day membership will allow you unlimited access to our group training classes.

The value of the special package is incredible!!

TAKE ACTION-It is a true life changing experience.